Immobilized Enzymes: A Review on Immobilization Techniques and Impact of Enzyme Immobilization Technology in Industrial and Pharmaceutical Applications
Dr Swaroopa Rani A, Dr Aliya Begum
Immobilization methods, Industrial applications, Pharmaceutical applications, Nanoimmobilization.
With increased demands of world of biotechnology industries, there is need to enhance the productivity, reaction stability, reusability and shelf life of enzymes. Immobilization of enzymes is a novel technique which can answer most of the challenges facing the economical industrial application of enzymes. The immobilized enzymes are the enzymes physically confined or localized in a certain defined region of space with retention of retention of their catalytic activities which can be used repeatedly and continuously. The enzymes can be attached to the support by interactions ranging from reversible physical adsorption and ionic linkages to stable covalent bonds. The heterogeneity of immobilized enzyme systems allows and easy recovery of both enzymes and products, multiple reuse of enzymes, continuous operation of enzymatic processes, rapid termination of reaction, and greater variety of bioreactor designs. The industrial applications of immobilized enzymes are progressively increasing. The use of immobilized enzymes is now a routine process for the manufacture many industrial products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries and many more sectors. One of the best uses of enzymes in modern life is their application diagnose and treatment of many diseases especially when used in drug delivery system or when used in nanoform. This review summarizes various immobilization techniques and applications of immobilized enzymes in various industries.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3

Page(s): 730 - 735
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