Dr. Shivakumara Swamy.R, Dr.Kusuma Devi, Shiva kumar KS, Gagan Raj S
Agro robot, areca nut, Controller, Pesticide,
The goal of this project is to create a robot that can climb both Areca nut trees and coconut trees, pick coconuts, and spray insecticide, which will cut down on the amount of time and labour needed to complete the same task.. Farmers used to manually climb trees to the top and spray insecticide onto areca nut bushes back in the day. They would leap to the nearby tree after applying pesticides on the areca nuts. They would leap to the nearby tree after applying pesticides on the areca nuts. The arecanut is one of the crops that has been most negatively impacted by this. For a successful harvest, the tree must be climbed a least of five times year, twice for a prophylactic spray against fungus and three times for arecanut harvesting. Only skilled workers are able to complete this task. The harvesting of the coconuts is the issue we are having. The structure and height of the tree is the problem and, in a year, we have to climb coconut trees 4 to 5 times. We have some fuel operated machines to climb the trees but in today’s life usage of fuels are very expensive and we have to go along with the machine, all the farmers may not go to such a height because some of them may have height phobia. So, we have come up with this project, which is controlled by remote. This robot lessens the need for labour and saves time. With a high degree of accuracy, the sprayer accurately applies pesticide to the nearby trees. Remote controls are used to manage the pesticide flow. The camera vision is also used in the robot to harvest the coconuts accurately. Image acquisition system will be integrated with robot arm end effect or using raspberry pi and camera module. This IAS will detect ripen coconut and plug the coconut from the tree, using robot end effect or blade. IAS will also detect the areca nut bunch and it will adjust the spray gun and sprays the pesticide to the areca nuts. Totally it would be a automated system. Even we are planning to implement this rover to harvest yields from palm oil trees.
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