Megha J. Vaghela
India is the second largest country in the world in term of population followed by china. We are more than one hundred and twenty five crore of which the woman population is more than 45 % of its total population i.e. in 2001 there was 49.70 crore woman in India. India is a country of Indira Ghandhi, Mother Terresa, Kasturba, Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawala, and many more woman personality. Even though in India and in the world women are known as weaker sex while men are known as stronger sex, and stronger sex always have tried to put a weaker sex under their shadow. India is social democratic country where social bandage is stronger than it is in any other country in the world. Woman is generally treated as means of entertainment for a men since long and due to this she legs behind socially, economically , politically and socially in India. She was not allowed to own property, did not have share in property of their parents, and no freedom to choose their job and so on. In early vedic era woman enjoyed equal status with men. Rigveda and Upnishad mentioned several name of women sages and seers notably Gargi, Maitri etc. Howevere during the period of Moguls and British rule situation of women worsened. After independence the constitution of India gave equality and certain rights to women e.g No discrimination of gender, equality of opportunity and gave big chances to women to progress in free India.. Now we have come across from such darkness we need strong movement to fight for the right of woman and to ensure that they get all right which men have or in other award for woman empowerment.
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