Effects of the transformed Environment on Human Psyche and Emotions: An Apocalyptic Study of J.G. Ballard’s The Drowned World.
Dr. H.Annshini
Environment, Climatic Changes , Human Psyche, Ecological crisis, Apocalyptic world
Eco criticism analyses the link between humans and the natural world in literature. It deals with ecological and traditional issues related to the environmental changes. James Graham Ballard is known for his fictions of environmentally ransacked landscapes caused by technological excess and non-ecological attitudes of humankind. Ballard wrote in a period before global warming happened and had been identified by scientists, and his fictions are to be both psychological and ontological since it concerned with biological factors of the environment. Ballard portrayed the effects of the changed human psyche and emotions as individuals as apocalyptic study that highlighted the developed new relationship of human beings with the adversely transformed environment. This article focuses on exploring the novel based on psychological disturbances that occurred within human beings in relation to the apocalyptic analysis in J.G. Ballard’s climate fiction, The Drowned World. Eco critical perceptions and social ecological view point have been applied to expose the Ecological crisis. The Drowned World is set in the tropical London during the year 2145. The novel portrays a post-apocalyptic world that represents the effects of the extreme environmental changes. Besides, exposing natural calamity, the novel highlights how disaster destroys the socio-cultural systems that help mankind to sustain his struggle with in the hostile universe. This study therefore intends to analyse Ballard’s post-apocalyptic climatic novel.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 5

Page(s): 330 - 336
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