Hydrothermally Fabricated Bio-nanocomposite of Guar gum as a Promising Adsorbent for Reactive Green 19 Dye from Wastewater
W. Rameshwor Singh, Laishram Saya, Sunita Hooda
adsorption, kinetics, isotherms, reactive green 19, adsorption capacity
Reactive dyes which are mainly used for dyeing cotton and other cellulose-based fibers are released in huge quantities into water bodies. They are associated with several harmful effects including allergic dermatoses, respiratory diseases, colonic and rectal cancers, etc. In this paper, we report a novel and facile synthesis of bio-nanocomposite of magnetic guar gum (BMGG) wherein the polymeric network of guar gum is decorated with spinels of magnetic nanoparticles via a simple hydrothermal method which shows promising removal efficiency for reactive dyes. Physicochemical techniques such as FESEM, TEM, EDAX, FTIR, Raman, TGA, VSM, pHZPC, and XRD have been used for characterizing the as-synthesized nanocomposite. Batch adsorption studies carried out on BMGG showed rapid and excellent adsorption potential of the semi-synthetic material exhibiting a removal efficiency of up to 98.44 % within an hour with a maximum adsorption capacity of 526.32 mg g-1 for anionic Reactive green 19 dye from aqueous medium. The adsorption kinetics data fitted best into the pseudo-second-order model. Out of various isotherm models being studied such as Langmuir model, Freundlich and Temkin model, the adsorption equilibrium was found to be best described by the Langmuir isotherm model. The spontaneous as well as the exothermic nature of the adsorption phenomenon, is clearly evident from the thermodynamic studies. BMGG composites also showed significant regeneration capacity showing retention in adsorption efficiency even up to several cycles of adsorption-desorption process. Hence, the reported semisynthetic nanomaterial holds a good scope of playing a significant role in solving the perpetual challenge of water pollution.
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Unique Paper ID: 157412

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 7

Page(s): 55 - 70
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