A review article on water pollution by mining activity
Dhruvi patel , Chirag shah
Mining, pollution, Surface water, Groundwater resources, Heavy metals, Leaching, Accidents by mining activity.
Water serves many ways in a different country like domestic purposes, industrial purposes, drinking purpose and agriculture purpose. But due to some anthropogenic activity day by day our water is polluted. It is the major concern now a days because agriculture, industrial, municipal waste containing pesticides, fertilizer residue, heavy metals that leads to reach in the water through process of leaching. Mainly in this article we see the impact of mining activity on surface and ground water. Mining shows impact on water due to spill erosion, Sedimentation, acid mine drainage, lowering water table, change the pattern of hydrological cycle and rainfall. Acid mine drainage shows the most negative impacts on available ground and surface resources. Also having the ability to show long-term effects on our rivers, wells, streams can disturb aquatic life. In the other side mining is the process of extracting valuable materials. Mining also Play a vital role in national economic development. By creating high-paying jobs and supplying the essential materials to every sector of our economy, minerals mining supports stimulate economic growth. Mining is an important economic activity in Inia. India is one of the largest exporters of iron ore, chromite, bauxite, mica, and manganese, and it is ranked fifth among the mineral-producing countries terms of volume of production. Mining sector helps nearly 2.4% to India’s GDP. Recently interest in the Mining industry issues related risk assessment and management. But mining activity hampered the ground water pollution as well as cause air pollution, damaging ecosystem, and natural habitat of many species. Previously there were many accidents that had been shown by mining. This article study briefly about mining impacts with mainly focusing on water contamination an outlook of Indian scenario.
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