Dr. R. Gnanasekaran, Dr. A. Raja
Greed, Avarice, Selfishness, Covetousness, Mercenary, Rapacity.
“Nothing is sufficient for the person who finds sufficiency too little” -Epicurus. This amazing story happened to the Phrygian king Midas. One day a wealthy ruler was seized by a feeling of greed. The more gold he had in his treasury, the more often he was sad looking at him: “I have a lot of gold. But how much gold still remains on the earth! Now, if I could collect all this gold here… then I would definitely be happy!” The god of vegetation and winemaking, Dionysus, learned about the sufferings of the king. He decided to grant Midas’ wish and gave him a golden touch. The happiness of the greedy ruler knew no bounds: he turned everything that surrounded him into precious metal. But, when he took up food and drink, they, to his horror, also turned gold. Not surprisingly, the king’s magical gift soon became a curse and turned his life into a hungry and miserable existence. The story of King Midas is one of the most striking examples of human greed, which can be both a vice and rational frugality. Greed or Covetousness is an excessive craving to satisfy one’s desire, a negative trait of a person’s character that contributes to the emergence of conflicts between him and others. As we know, greed is the desire to appropriate as many earthly goods as possible. By greed, we mean not only a character trait but also a reluctance to share, familiar to us from early childhood. After all, it is not in vain that people have such a saying as “take away candy from a child.” The main signs of a greedy person are not just the desire for money, things, food, pleasure, thrills, power, and information. All these are natural human desires. It is worth thinking about when these aspirations become pathological when possession becomes an end in itself, a person is carried away by the very process of accumulation and already enjoys not the objects of desire themselves, but his power over them. We encounter greed every day: the seller in the store strives to cheat, thieves climb into our pockets in broad daylight, and officials demand bribes. And all because of what? With improper upbringing and lack of attention, such a vice as greed develops in a child. Parents need to be extremely careful in dealing with thi
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Page(s): 419 - 426
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