Review on: Pathophysiology of Angina Pectoris
Riya Bhendkar, Shirin Bhuyar, Anuj Deshmukh, Amol Sawale, Kiran Humbarde, Priya Kothari, Anisha Kohale
Angina pectoris, Myocardial ischaemia, Cholesterol, Nitroglycerin, Beta blockers.
Angina pectoris is a medical condition that occurs when your heart receives a decreased amount of oxygenated blood. Often, this occurs due to deposits of cholesterol clogging the blood vessels that carry blood to your heart. Patients who have angina pectoris are at an risk for having a heart attack, Chest pain behind the breastbone is the most common sign of angina pectoris. The discomfort may feel like pressure, squeezing, burning or tightness, reports the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. The chest pain is most common during exercise, physical work or sexual activity. Emotional stress, cold weather and nightmares may also trigger an attack of chest pain. The best preventive measures one can take include-start an exercise program-stop smoking-decrease alcohol consumption-avoid stressful situation-avoid heavy and fatty meals. The best treatment of angina is drug therapy. The most common group of drugs used to treat angina is nitroglycerines. Nitroglycerin is available in various formulations. It can be taken by mouth, placed underneath the tongue and can even be given intravenously. Nitroglycerin has the ability to open up (dilate) blood vessel and allows more blood to the heart. Nitroglycerin is usually taken when one feels the chest pain coming. A tablet is placed underneath the tongue and within a few minutes the pain will disappear. In some cases, two tablets may be required. Nitroglycerin formulations are also available as an oral pill which must be taken 2-3 times a day. Beta blockers have been used to treat coronary disease for decades. They act by decreasing the work of the heart and thus decrease oxygen utilization.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 7

Page(s): 621 - 627
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