Phylogenetic analysis of Microtubulin
V.Anthony Sariyu, Dr.T.Suchitra Naidu, K.Swathi, A.Jaya Madhuri Latha
Tubulin is a polypeptide which help in the emergence of microtubule, and it is the major element for the anatomical structure of microtubules. Microtubules are the medial fiber and constituents of the cytoskeleton through which shape of the nucleus is controlled, they complex for different tasks like in the group of mitotic apparatus throughout cell division, cell growth or in the axon extension of neuronal units. Historically the main part of microtubule having many subunits such as alpha and beta tubulin (heterodimers) are associated in a head-to-tail fashion giving rise to microtubule polarity. Gamma tubulin is found at microtubule-organizing centers such as the spindle poles or the centrosome suggesting that it is involved in minus-end cloud seeding of microtubule assembly .(11)Delta and epsilon tubulin are mostly related to alpha and beta tubulin ,in most of the species they help in regulation of centriole function. (12)Zeta tubulin is the last member of tubulin ancestry and mostly un characterized and absent in humans . In this paper we performed phylogenetic analysis of tubulin protein in various organisms such as human, chimpanzee, octopus, rice plant, rat, tortoise, archaeon, saccharomyces, frog, zebra finch using multiple sequence alignment tools mega software molecular evolutionary genetics analysis by identifying the relations we can further try editing the gene from the functional one after finding the close proximity create vaccines or anticancer drugs
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8

Page(s): 178 - 182
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