Hydraulic Modelling For Equating the Uneven Pressure of Elevated Service Reservoirs
Aditya K. Dhavane, Gajanan M. Dharme, Akash B. Bhokare, Paithankar, Dr. S.D.Shinde
Bursting; Cost; Diversion of water; Economical; ESR; Equal Pressure; Hydraulic Modelling; Leakages; Non-revenue; Pressure Head; Time to fill ESR; Uneven pressure; Valve; WaterGEMS; Water loss; Sustainable.
A water distribution network is a necessary infrastructure for the supply of water but also to maintaining the pressure in that system is also important. Hydraulic models are efficient decision-support tools for the effective management of water distribution networks. It connects consumers to sources of water using hydraulic components such as pipes, valves, pumps and tanks. In the present study, the water distribution network of the Aurangabad zone-B area on the east side of the city has 18 existing ESRs, which are analyzed and designed with help of Bentleys WATERGEMS software. This analysis reveals the scenario computed about the conduit pressure, flow characteristics as discharge, velocity, pressure head and head-loss and so on. The pressure in network nodes is identified to be higher at some ESRs than the standard requirement. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation at present, have not employed any means to measure pressure head at ESR on a regular or at an interval to check water inflow. As complexity in the distribution system is more and manual valve operation is too to create uneven pressure in a pipe. Due to this will create tremendous pressure on the surface of the pipe that can cause pipe bursting, cracks, leakages, water losses that cause to non-revenue to a municipality, etc. The Project focuses on the study of the identification of locations/spots with uneven supply pressure, reducing the unnecessary diversion of water flow, period of filling ESRs is also matching so that water can be evenly distributed in a specific time. Water distribution networks are designed to minimize the overall cost while meeting the water demand requirements at adequate/equal pressures at ESR by changing the valve opening to the same to reduce unnecessary controlling and make the network more economical, and more sustainable, to achieve these objectives we have planned this project
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8

Page(s): 598 - 604
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