Green Chemistry: A Promising Route to Sustainable Agriculture
Dr. Akanksha Srivastava
Agriculture sustainability, Green Chemistry, Bio- fertilizers, Bio-pesticides, Bioenergy.
Green chemistry is an innovative and eco- friendly process designed to reduce or eliminate the production and use of chemicals that are harmful to environment and human health and at the same time provide economic prosperity and social benefits.Today green chemistry represents a new paradigm in agriculture as it serve as a driving force for sustainable agriculture development. The present paper is focused on the main green chemistry technologies and process already in use are emerging in agriculture. The paper emphasize the benefits of bio fertilizers over conventionally used inorganic fertilizers. The novel control release fertilizer Including glass fertilizers, their working mechanism and impact on soil, health and environment are discussed. The type of bio-pesticides, their use and growth in Indian perspectives are also mentioned in the paper. Now a days, researchers are focused to use bio based material or use feed stock or raw material which are renewable such as agriculture waste products for bioenergy generation. The various forms of bio-energies (biogas, bio diesel, bioethanol ), their generation techniques and total bioenergy supply and contribution, recent bioenergy development in India are discussed in the paper. Adoption of agricultural waste biomass as a fuel for energy production is not only reduces the problem of carbon emission but can ease the financial stream in developing country like India related to heavy burden of fossil fuel. They can also develop local source of revenue for the people within production chain. The paper deals with the various routes by which green chemistry plays an important rule for agriculture sustainability.
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Page(s): 631 - 640
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