Optimization Techniques for Smart Antenna Beamforming
Nayan B. Shambharkar, Ankita A. Shende
Smart antenna systems processes signals arriving from different directions to detect (estimate) desired signal direction of arrival DOA. Biased on the estimated DOA the beam former optimize antenna elements weights such that the radiation pattern of the antenna array is adjusted to minimize a certain error function or to maximize a certain reward function derived by the adaptive algorithm. In wireless applications the antenna pattern is shaped so as to cancel interfering signals (placing nulls) and produce or steer a strong beam towards the wanted signal according to direction of arrival (DOA). Linear Antenna arrays provide alternative solution to dimensional structure of Antennas. In Linear arrays , the array elements are same as each other and they are aligned along a straight line with equal element separations.In this paper, an optimization technique known as Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is discussed to determine optimal antenna elements feed that provide null (minimum power) in the directions of the interfering signals while to maximize of radiation in the direction of the useful signal. Due to changing environment, the target goal changes and modification in the algorithm is required to provide optimal solution for varying real time target.The PSO algorithm emerges as a powerful stochastic optimization method inspired by the social behaviour of organisms such as bird flocking or fish schooling, in which individuals have memory and cooperate to move towards a region containing the global or a near-optimal solution.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8

Page(s): 641 - 645
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