Shaikh Sufiyan Ahmed, S.S. Kamble
Z source inverter; switched boost inverter; PWM; buck inverter; boost factor
This work proposes the Switched Boost Inverter (SBI), a single stage buck boost DC-AC inverter. This essay's goal is to examine the SBI's operating theory and analysis, as well as open-loop and closed-loop simulation. This innovative power converter is a descendant of the Z Source Inverter (ZSI), which demonstrates all of its benefits while using fewer passive components. With the aid of an impedance network, ZSI has the unique ability to function in buck or boost mode.This enables the input voltage to be increased by shooting through the inverter legs' switching state. The shoot through interval was incorporated into each switching cycle using modified Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques. The output voltage of the inverter's harmonic spectrum is also displayed. Using fuzzy and proportional integral (PI) controllers, the circuit was closed-loop controlled. This PI-Fuzzy controller makes designing controllers simpler and boosts system reliability. The proposed technique was validated by simulated studies using MATLAB and Simulink. Simulation results demonstrate the benefits of the suggested approach. Despite the fact that ZSI has several advantages over VSI/CSI, the size of the impedance network components is a major cause for concern because it increases ZSI's size, weight, and cost. All of the benefits of the conventional impedance source inverter (ZSI) topology are present in the switching boost inverter design, but there are more active components needed and the number of passive components is reduced. MATLAB software is used to simulate and mathematically analyse the switching boost inverter structure, and results are generated. The SBI topology is controlled during simulation using two different forms of PWM control approaches.
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Unique Paper ID: 158149

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8

Page(s): 792 - 796
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