Level of stress, suicidal ideation and coping among farmers
Kailas A.Gaikwad, Prabhakar V.Gaikwad
Suicidal ideation, resilience, stress, perceived stress scale (PSS).
India currently ranks 19th in rates of suicide worldwide, and while increasing amount of attention is being paid by health workers and legislators toward the need to identify and ameliorate the subgroup of Indian farmers has demonstrated notably higher rates of suicide, and the suicides have generated major political debate and the creation of inquiry commissions. and recommendations; however, what results have been gained, is a question still not answered adequately. The goal of the current study is to assess farmers' levels of stress, suicide ideation, and coping in order to determine the prevalence of depression. and suicidal ideation to measure the resilience the that influence depression and influence among farmers and 50% of sample of suicidal ideation attitude test of SAS count sample glance nashik in kalwan taluka a further extremely high suicidal tendency at 16% and hence above average suicidal tendency at 4% further average suicidal tendency at 8% and below average at 3% and low suicidal tendency at 2% and low suicidal tendency further more perceived stress in suicidal ideation to be never (PSS) perceived stress scale at 2% no stress or tension and second almost in PSS never 18% ratio of never to be tension PSS incant in scale and sometimes at 27% and fairly often at 3% ratio perceived stress scale and also very often at 0% PSS. In its include describe the coping some fluctuating ways of coping on PSS.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 9

Page(s): 551 - 555
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