Overcoming Negative Patterns of Family in King Lear
Dr. Anjali Tyagi
Family, disfunctioning, disorder, rejection, emotional deprivation.
We are better equipped and trained to handle so many things of the outer world. We are taught how to get a degree, a good job and run after all materialistic pursuits in life. We learn how to drive a car, how to play a guitar and take care of our mental and physical health but unfortunately, we are not trained to raise kids. There are so many similar issues for which we can get answers in literature. A sensitive reader can always and will always find some suggestions for the lives around him. This paper focuses on the Shakesperean tragedy ‘King Lear’, where his tragic flaw gives way to so many problems in the play. Intolerance, defection, betrayal, and rejection, all are seen actively displayed by the family members. The story revolves around Lear and his three daughters and Gloucester and his son. The play artistically presents an example of disfunctioning of the families where love and faith crumbles down. The elder two daughters of King Lear, Goneril and Regan call them victims of partiality and aggression of their father, in the same way Edmund is seen humiliated in public. One thing that is common among these children is some sort of early family disturbances. This may act as key to their character. No sense of duty and affection are nurtured. The roots of evil may be the want of that love for which family is the natural home and place of training in how to behave in future with society and with the parents too. Shakespearean plays can be seen offering variety of subjects to study and grow. King Lear can teach us the effect of negative family patterns and suggests for a home filled with positive patterns. It might help in developing your own family plan too. The first half of the paper deals with the behavioural disorder of the two affected families and the second half tries to figure out the reasons.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 308 - 311
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