G.Anil, P.Harsha Teja Santosh , P.Taraka Dharma Rao, M.shashank, B.Naga Sudha Rani
Slider-crank mechanism, micro energy Harvester, circuit Diagram
Energy harvesting (EH) is the most upcoming technology which is defined as a process where the environmental energy sources such as load, mechanical vibrations, temperature changes, light energy, wind energy etc. are captured and transformed to acquire quite small levels of power within the of range of Nano Watts - Milliwatts. This method is used to power an installed system by accumulating energy from ambient sources such as solar, wind, thermal and radio frequency waves. It is also called Energy Scavenging. The purpose of energy harvesting is to power electronic devices where there are no conventional power sources. The energy harvesting device has design goals and the three main elements are energy Source, Energy harvesting IC, Energy storage. In particular the energy harvesting used in charging of rechargeable batteries on site, low power electronic devices like traditional and super capacitors. Common energy harvesting systems include a lot of applications in many remote locations, distant locations, undersea where batteries and conventional power are not in used practically. In this project primarily we observe the vibrations occur in slider Crank mechanism and control. This voltage is harvested by a micro energy harvester and stored by suitable circuitry. Also, this paper presents a systematic design of proposed circuit that allows us to harvest energy under both ideal and realistic constraints
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Unique Paper ID: 158631

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 266 - 274
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