Dr. P. Xavier
War, Soldiers, Women, Suffering, Loss and Cruelty
The researcher beginsthis research article with a wonderful quote that suits at all the time those who really suffer in their lives. The objective of writing this article is tocreate awareness on life is full of struggle among readers. Therefore, they could refine themselves to lead a better life in a better manner. As a human, one could have witnessed a number of wars since the globe started existing. From the Greek mythical story that the war of Troy and today’s war between Russia and Ukraine. The causes of war would be confinedtoTerritory, Monetary,and Women. Even it may be a story that too may end with any of these issues. Especially this article is going to discuss the struggles or problems of women faced through the consequences of war in the globe from the above-said context and the wisdom and knowledge shared by literary people from all over the world. The causes of war all over the world consist of only the following categories. Economic Gain. Territorial Gain. Religion. Nationalism. Revenge. Civil War. Revolutionary War and finally Defensive War. The researcher has taken up the following poetry from various authors of different countries. The Gift of India by Sarojini Naidu, The War Works Hard by Dunya Mikhail and Majorie Pickthall’s Marching Men discuss war in articles from the perspectives of Women
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