Insilico or organ on chip in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials
Neharika Anike, Swathi Jaggannolla, Nikky Bhedi
Organ on a chip, Lab on chip, Biomimetic system, Microfluidic chip, Physiological models, Drug development, Toxicology
The organ-on-a-chip (OOAC) refers to a physiological organ biomimetic system built on a microfluidic chip. It involves biomaterial technology, cell biology and engineering combined together in a miniaturized platform. This reflects the structural and functional characteristics of human tissue and can predict response to an array of stimuli including drug responses and environmental effects. In this review, we introduce the concepts of OOAC and its application to the construction of physiological models, drug development, and toxicology from the perspective of different organs. We further discuss existing challenges and provide future perspectives for its application. These 'organs-on-chips' permit the study of human physiology in an organ-specific context, enable development of novel in vitro disease models, and could potentially serve as replacements for animals used in drug development and toxin testing.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 824 - 835
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