Now days, pollution is major problem across the world. There are many causes which arise pollution, among which contribution through automobiles are more. In order to reduce pollution and reduce dependence on fossil fuel, hydrogen is best alternative for I.C. engine. Most economic way to produce hydrogen gas is through electrolysis process. Water is abundant and cheap. The hydrogen fuel is extracted from Brown’s gas or HHO gas which in turn is produced from a common ducted electrolyses setup. Water disassociated into Brown Gas (HHO) using efficient electrolyzing techniques. Due to high combustible nature of the brown’s gas, both browns gas and fuel completely burns in the IC engine, hence giving no scope for the incomplete combustion. With the introduction of browns gas a 99% decrease in the unburned hydrocarbons and Carbon monoxide has been observed. On other hand by using HHO with petrol results much cleaner exhaust and more power to the engine. The result is increased gas mileage and smoother running; this gas may take as a mileage Booster. HHO boosters help to reduce pollution and save energy and money all over the world. It is observed that when the Brown’s gas is introduced into the engine’s thermodynamic cycle at the right time, it mixes with gasoline to optimize the engine performance in terms of its thermal efficiency, volumetric efficiency, fuel consumption rate, emissions etc. It also brings down the operating temperature and pressure conditions of different parts of the IC engine, thereby ensuring more sustainability and durability. This project aims to calculate performance characteristics of a four-stroke IC engine that is powered by gasoline fuel in combination with hydrogen fuel, fed through the inlet manifold. Later emission analysis also to be performed. About key words petrol and HHO, brown gas, Oxy-hydrogen gas, electrolytes KOH, NAOH, Hydrogen generator
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