Digital Data Encryption and Decryption using RSA and AES algorithms
Conjeevaram Sankeerthana, Medipally Jhansi, Shilpa B. Darvesh
Cryptography, RSA algorithm, AES algorithm, Discrete wave-let Transformation, Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity.
These days, there are a lot of online frauds or cybercrimes that take place at almost every country in the world. In such types of incidents, the sensitive or confidential data such as text messages, images, passwords, or usernames are hacked or known by a third person apart from the owner of the data. To avoid such blunders, a technique known as cryptography is bought into action. Cryptography is a technique which primarily consists of two main processes known as encryption and decryption. Encryption is a process of converting the input data into an un-readable form which is completely different from the input data to protect it from getting into unsafe hands. Similarly, decryption is the process for converting the encrypted data into a readable form or back to its original form where only the intended recipient can receive the decrypted data. Cryptography gets its name from the combination of two Greek words, “crypto” which means secret and “graphy” which means writing which together means hidden or secret data or information. Cryptography allows secure and safe transmission of data from a sender to the intended recipient. Cryptographic algorithms can be widely classified into three types such as Asymmetric Key Algorithms, Symmetric Key Algorithms and Hash Functions. In this paper, we are executing digital data or image cryptography or encryption and decryption using RSA, Rivest-Shamir-Adleman algorithm and AES, Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm through MATLAB Software. Image encryption can be termed as the process of encoding or ciphering a secret image using an encryption algorithm such that the image does not get into the hands of unauthorized users other than the receiver. Similarly, image decryption can also be termed as the process of converting the encrypted image or the ciphered im-age back to its original form. By using a combination of both RSA and AES algorithms for image cryptography, we can eliminate the existing disadvantages of individual algorithms like complexity, speed, key size, and management of data in RSA algorithm and key authentication and integrity in AES algorithm. Values like Mean Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal to Noise ratio (PSNR) are calculated for combined RSA and
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 11

Page(s): 976 - 980
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