Abortion, Unborn Child, Reproductive Rights, Fundamental Rights, Maternity Benefits, Human Rights
The basic fundamental building block of every nation is its citizens and thus the population plays a very crucial role in the development of each and every nation in the world. The increasing population does not in any way reflects the growth of the nation since if it is the case India and China became the most developed nations in the world since the former is having the largest population in the whole world which is followed by the latter nation. Thus, the total amount of productive population is actually important and not the number of citizens. In the past century, there was a huge transition in the mindset of the people with respect to the demographic population as well as the measures to control the same. One such important aspect is the legalization of abortion in many of the western countries after the mid-twentieth century and later on the said practice was being adopted in many countries across various continents. The most alarming factor is that at one point of time, everyone was against the pre-natal diagnostic techniques as well as the killing of unborn child while in the contemporary world, the same people are claiming for the right to abort the child in womb. This research paper intends to identify the ambit of abortion as the basic right of a women and how the said right affects the inherent rights of an unborn child who is in the womb of mother. The recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States with respect to the right to abortion as unconstitutional is currently the debatable topic and the world is looking at what is going to happen in other nations with respect to their abortion laws in the mere future.
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