Experimental Investigation of Steel Plate-Concrete Composite Shear Walls: Strength Improvement and Seismic Performance
P P Sivan, Gajendran Chellaiah
Steel plate-concrete-composite, Shear walls, Strength improvement, Seismic performance Experimental investigation,Design guidelines
This research investigates the behavior of steel plate-concrete composite shear walls with different corrugation patterns, focusing on strength improvement and seismic performance. Material properties, such as high-quality steel sheets and tubes, and high-strength bolts as connectors, are examined. Accurate material models represent steel and concrete behavior. A comprehensive loading protocol simulates real-life conditions using axial and lateral loads. Experimental results reveal enhanced strength and seismic performance in the composite shear walls compared to conventional walls. Corrugated sheets and boundary tubes improve lateral load resistance and ductility. The study's optimized design guidelines facilitate the implementation of these walls in high-rise and seismic-resistant structures. Material selection and shear connectors play vital roles in ensuring robust connections and structural integrity. The proposed models accurately predict steel and concrete behavior. Results provide insights into load-deformation behavior, hysteresis loops, and energy dissipation capacity. The tests demonstrate excellent ductility, multiple yielding mechanisms, and energy dissipation. Failure modes include concrete crushing, steel yielding, and connection failure. The research advances knowledge in steel plate-concrete composite shear walls. Design guidelines and recommendations support the development of efficient and resilient structural systems.
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Unique Paper ID: 160490

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1

Page(s): 507 - 512
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