Utilisation of Waste Materials in Concrete for Green Built Environment
Nitheesh E, Syed Aiman Rahil, Gurukumar, Dr M Lokeshwari
concrete, red mud, stone dust, alumina waste, sustainable materials
This study investigates the use of red mud and stone dust as sustainable alternatives in concrete production. Red mud, a by-product of alumina production, and stone dust, a waste material from quarries, were examined as potential substitutes for cement and m-sand, respectively. Concrete mixtures for M25 grade were prepared by replacing cement by 20% with redmud and mssand by 50% with stonedust. The resulting concrete mixes were extensively tested for properties such as compressive strength, flexural strength, and split tensile strength. A comparative analysis was conducted to assess the performance and cost-effectiveness of the modified concrete compared to conventional concrete. The research findings demonstrate that incorporating red mud as a partial cement replacement improves the strength and durability of the concrete while reducing cement consumption and environmental impact. The study highlights the feasibility of using red mud and stone dust as sustainable alternatives in concrete production, offering a solution to decrease cement consumption and preserve natural resources. By promoting the utilization of industrial by-products in concrete production, this research contributes to environmentally friendly construction practices, minimizing waste generation and conserving natural resources.
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Unique Paper ID: 160501

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1

Page(s): 1199 - 1207
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