SEHRASH ANSARI, Sheela Yadav, Mohammed Jahid Halder
Proniosomes, Vesicular drug delivery, Buccal Drug delivery, Novel formulation, Bioavailability.
Nanotechnology is now frequently used to develop novel dosage formulations. The use of vesicular drug delivery systems is developing as a cutting-edge nanotechnology. Over traditional dosage forms, the delivery of medications employing colloidal particle carriers and liquid crystalline compact niosomal hybrids like niosome and proniosomes has peculiar advantages. The buccal film is a drug delivery method that has quickly become popular because it offers greater safety and efficacy of the drug molecule as well as a quicker onset of action. The proniosomes are formulated using nonionic surfactant which increases the solubility and bioavailability of the poorly soluble drugs especially for BCS Class II drugs. Because buccal mucosa is more accessible and less mobile than sublingual mucosa, it is more suited for retentive systems utilized for oral-mucosal drug delivery. Regarding mucosal (local effect) and transmucosal (systemic effect) medication. To get the medicine into the systemic circulation, it entails passing past the mucosal barrier. Because the medication content in buccal formulations may be significantly smaller than that in tablets and capsules, there may be a significant reduction in toxicity or unfavorable side effects. The buccal mucosa is more ideal for the insertion of a control release system since it is relatively porous, has a high blood supply, and is robust in comparison to other mucosal tissue. The buccal film is appropriate for the drugs which experience first pass metabolism and GI degradation. It limits the side effects and thus make it cost effective and a stable formulation
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1

Page(s): 739 - 746
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