Arduino, Corrosion, Color sensor, Frequency , Monitoring,Residual Strength and Steel rod.
- Corrosion is inevitable in reinforced structures unless constructed with proper materials and regular maintenance. Due to various reasons, corrosion occurs in the steel rod, which will damage the structure and degrade the life of the structures. In repairing the structures which was affected by the corrosion, first need to access the residual Strength of the steel. Only after assessing the Strength of the steel will, it be decided whether go with any repairing technique or any other decision. To find the residual Strength of existing steel rods, a technique is proposed to deduct the corrosion by using the colour sensor. The technique has implemented by using various diameter of steel rod with the size of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm were taken and it was corroded up to 10% rate of corrosion by accelerated corrosion with the help of galvanostatic processes by adding 5% of NaCl solution and by supply of 12V DC power. Each colour has their own frequency depends on their intensity. So, the corroded steel rod will change their colour frequency depending upon their rate of corrosion. By having the advantage of these, frequency has recorded with the help of colour sensor and Arduino setup with the regular interval. As increase of corrosion, the residual strength of steel rod also will change and it starts to degrade its Strength during the corrosion. The loss of Strength of steel rod has obtained at the regular interval by using Conventional Method with the help of Universal testing machine. The predicted equation has been developed for various diameter of steel rod recorded frequency and tensile strength. To validate the prediction equation, the steel rods were corroded up to 15% and the tensile strength of the steel rod was compared with the predicted equation with the help of colour frequency. The final results show that, the residual Strength of steel rod obtained from the conventional method and predicted equation shows that both vales are nearby and it is with in the acceptable limit
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