Design of pipe distribution network for Wagholi village using Bentleys’ WaterGEMS
Pankaj Sajjan Garad, DR.D.G. Regulwar
Rural Pipe Distribution Network, Bentleys’ WaterGEMS, CPHEEO Manual
India is well-known as a developing country, as well as a country with a significant rural population. In a developing nation like India, it is crucial to provide basic facilities to the people, including healthcare, transportation infrastructure, education, and access to clean water in every household. Designing a rural water supply scheme is particularly important in such a context. The Maharashtra government's department, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, has developed a water supply scheme to fulfill the water demands of the rural population in the state. The scheme ensures a water supply of 55 liters per capita per day (LPCD) in rural areas. This study focuses on the design of the pipe distribution network for Wagholi village, located in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. To design the pipe network for Wagholi village, Bentley's WaterGEMS software is utilized, with AutoCAD DXF file of same village as a background reference, obtained from MJP Osmanabad. The pipe distribution network for Wagholi village is divided into two zones, with separate tanks providing water to each zone. According to the regulations of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, the network should maintain a pressure between 7 m-H2O and 22 m-H2O at each junction, with a velocity in each pipe of up to 1.2 m/s and a head loss gradient of up to 10 m/km. TCVs (Throttle Control Valves) are employed in specific areas to regulate the flow under certain conditions, such as during construction or drainage system maintenance in the village.
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