IoT Enabled Refrigerator
Kartikey Jangid, Khushvindra Vaishnav, Devendra Singh , Pratik Bhansali
Refrigeration, Thermoelectric, IoT, Peltier, cooling.
This research paper explores the application of IoT technology in refrigerators using the thermoelectric Peltier method for cooling, focusing on their potential to cooling technology and improve energy efficiency. By integrating thermoelectric modules, temperature sensors, and IoT connectivity, these refrigerators offer precise temperature control, remote monitoring, and smart management features. The paper discusses the implementation and system architecture of an IoT-enabled thermoelectric Peltier refrigerator, highlighting the role of components such as thermoelectric modules, microcontrollers, and temperature sensors. The working mechanism of the refrigerator is explained, emphasizing the interaction between the components and the benefits of IoT connectivity. The paper concludes by discussing the future scope of research, including advancements in energy efficiency, intelligent control and optimization, and integration with smart home ecosystems. The research conducted in this field aims to revolutionize cooling technology, providing energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for food preservation and other applications.
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Unique Paper ID: 160895

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1

Page(s): 1526 - 1530
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