Studying the applications of Clitoria ternetea in various domains of human welfare : A review approach
Dr. K.Agilandeswari, L.R Nakilan, Dr. P. Hariharan , R.K Prassana Balaji
Anthocyanins, Ternatin, Clitoria ternetea ,Butterfly pea, Pigment,natural dyes
A great revolution is happening in the industries regarding toxicity of chemicals which led the industries to produce natural bio-made products. Due to which large companies are putting there focus over Natural based product. For this purpose various plants are studied one among them is Clitoria ternetea which has the potential to be used in various different domains. The butterfly pea is a versatile forage legume. It is a medicinal plant that also serves as a decorative plant and a cover crop. It can withstand a broad variety of temperature, rainfall, and altitude. One of the most intriguing sources of natural color utilized in food and cosmetics is the butterfly pea. The primary pigments in its petals, anthocyanins, are readily removed with water. The stability of the aqueous extract from the butterfly pea petals was discovered to be influenced by the pH of the medium, temperature(Thermal stability), and light (Photo-sensitive).The climber known as butterfly pea Clitoria ternatea typically thrives in tropical climates. Its bluish petals are reported to store ternatin. Ternatin’s are a class of delphinidin glycoside anthocyanin pigments that dissolve readily in water. Traditional uses for butterfly pea flower aqueous extracts include food coloring and hair coloring. Due to widespread worries about the safety of various harmful synthetic dyes, the use of natural dyes is now preferred in many sectors in place of synthetic dyes. The objective of this paper is to study about the application of Butterfly pea in modern days and the traditional ways of usage of flower by native people of South Eastern Asian countries.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2

Page(s): 38 - 49
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