Constraints Faced Regarding The Design Of The Kitchen In Urban Area
Archana Chaudhary
Kitchen ,Constraints , Design ,Ventilation
the kitchen is the most important room in our home. The kitchen is the heart of every home.The kitchen is often the most frequently used room in the house, so it has to be a well-balanced blend of storage facilities, work surfaces, seating areas, and open spaces. It must be stylish, practical, comfy, and useful. As a result, the kitchen's general design arrangement should be given more consideration. The layout and design of the kitchen would be heavily influenced by the cooking style. The type of materials, ingredients, and media as well as the equipment and workspace necessary for the specific cooking method must be prioritised. The present study was carried out in the Jawahar Nagar, Nehru Nagar and Ram Krishan Nagar of District Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh.The results of the study that majority of respondent cent percent feel stress due to environmental condition followed by ninety five percent have a small kitchen area. Ninety percent respondent required lifting of heels for the top self and eighty percent of respondent unable to clean the whole kitchen area frequently.Mostly seventy five respondents having insufficient natural light in kitchen and seventy percent respondents have in proper ventilation in the kitchen and work area.Majority of respondents 62.5 percent reported tiredness due to improper arrangement in the kitchen and high work counter causing shoulder pain. Majority of respondents 72.5 percent reported insufficient light around the work place. Only fifty percent respondents reported reported sting is due to garbage accumulation.
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