FL: A modified and Combined Approach for Page Replacement in Operating Systems
Dr. Piyush O. Arora, Bipin B. Jadav
Efficiency, FIFO, FL, LRU, Memory frames, Page Faults, Page replacement, Reference strings.
Operating system executes processes by page replacement, which is one of the basic requirements of any operating system. There has been continuous and tremendous study towards the design of algorithms that have minimum number of page faults. Variety of page replacement algorithms have been proposed and applied in different situations, in which FIFO (first in first out) and LRU (least recently used) are two of the most popular page replacement policies. Modern operating systems strive for throughput maximization by reducing page faults. As page fault rate decreases, efficiency of an algorithm increases, due to the fact that operating system will be busy more in execution of processes, rather than doing I/O. In the given literature, we propose FL approach, the combination of FIFO and LRU, is such a page replacement technique, which has led to equal or a smaller number of page faults than FIFO and LRU alone. Specifically, this algorithm works well in conditions, if a smaller number of memory frames are available. Conducting tests with a different reference strings and different number of frames, the page fault rate is examined.
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Unique Paper ID: 161164

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8

Page(s): 917 - 922
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