Review on Applications of Nanophotonics in Bioimaging and Biomedical Diagnosis
Dr. R. Ravikumar, Dr. N. Jagadeesh Kumar
Optics; Nanoparticles; Bioimaging; Nanophotonics
Optical sensors are increasingly used in healthcare biosensing and biomedical diagnostics due to their non-invasiveness and real-time monitoring capabilities. They can detect diseases, monitor vital signs, and analyze bodily fluids. Nanophotonics, involving physical processes like radiation-matter interaction and near-field optical microscopy, has revolutionized sensor technology by enabling high-resolution imaging and precise detection at the nanoscale. This opens up new possibilities in fields like biomedical research, environmental monitoring, and industrial quality control. In medicine, these nanostructures have led to advancements in imaging techniques like MRI and PET scans. In energy storage, photonic nanostructures have led to the development of compact and powerful batteries. As research continues, the possibilities for enhancing and optimizing photonics applications seem endless. This review looks into photonic nanostructures and their interactions, as well as nanoconfinement and applications. It emphasises the potential of optical sensors in disease prediction and testing.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3

Page(s): 495 - 503
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