Biodegradable hydrogels from spider silk proteins: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications - A review
Rajamehala M
biocompatible , drug carrier, hydrogel, Spidroin
Spidroin is a protein biopolymer that is usually found in spider silk. Spider silks are gaining high interest as they act as a unique biomaterial with excellent mechanical properties. Spider skills shows good biocompatibility as they do not contain sericin, a protein which is present in the silk obtained from silk worm which might cause serious hypertensives. The spidroin is mainly composed regular repeats of amino acids namely alanine, glycine, and serine. Alanine gives strength to the spider silk whereas glycine provides elasticity. Spider silks has been employed in various biomaterials in recent times. Silk protein has been engineered to synthesis specific structures, including fibres, hydrogels, films, sponges, etc. Specifically, Hydrogels that are three-dimensional crosslinked polymers which have the potential to absorb high amount of water and its extremely tunable mechanical properties helps it to be compatible with different functional molecules. Hydrogels can be synthesized from both natural and synthetic polymer. Hydrogels made out of natural polymers reveals that hydrogels can gain extremely stable mechanical, physical and chemical properties when they are swollen, urging researchers to create and employ novel hydrogels for unique applications. This review focuses on different spidroin extraction methods and hydrogel synthesis out of the extracted spider silk.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3

Page(s): 513 - 520
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