GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System
Amruta Amol Bhawarthi, Tarun Kasliwal, Yash Kate , Manas Amit Kasodekar, Siddhant Kaswa , Vedant Kate, Soham Kasurde
GPS module, GSM module, Vehicle- tracking, Geo -fencing
This project aims to develop a real-time vehicle tracking system utilizing the integration of GPS and GSM technologies. The system comprises a GPS module that provides accurate positioning information, enabling tracking vehicles' location coordinates. The GPS module continuously collects location data, including latitude and longitude, with high precision. This data is then transmitted to a central server via a GSM module. The GSM module serves as the communication interface between the vehicle and the server. It establishes a wireless connection using the cellular network, enabling real-time data transmission. This system incorporates various features to enhance its functionality. Real-time alerts can be set up for emergencies, such as unauthorized vehicle access or accidents. Historical data logging enables the analysis of vehicle routes, driving patterns, fuel consumption, and geo-fencing, facilitating logistics and operational efficiency optimization. Also facilitates prompt response in case of theft.
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Unique Paper ID: 161485

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4

Page(s): 402 - 405
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