An Experimental Review on the Investigation of the Effect of Breakup of Weakly Bound Projectiles on Complete Fusion with Heavy Targets
Mukesh Kumar Pradhan
Heavy-ion Fusion, Weakly Bound Nuclei, Breakup, Heavy Mass Targets, Fusion Suppression
In recent decades, reactions involving weakly bound projectiles have been investigated by several research groups working in the field of nuclear physics. Despite the many successes in addressing some reaction outcomes, many puzzling questions still remain. A relatively large number of reactions with weakly bound nuclei have been systematically investigated at the various laboratories around the world. This review discusses the various works, mainly experimental, reported so far with an aim to study the effect of breakup of the stable weakly bound projectiles, 6,7Li and 9Be on fusion with targets of heavy masses. For heavier systems, like 9Be+208Pb, 6,7Li+209Bi, 6,7Li+197Au, 9Be+197Au, 7Li+165Ho, 6Li+144Sm, 7Li+144,152Sm, 6,7Li+159Tb, 10B+159Tb, 6,7Li+124Sn etc., the compound nuclei decay predominantly by neutron evaporation, and so the evaporation residues (ERs) produced from complete fusion (CF) and incomplete fusion (ICF) processes are different, thereby making it possible to separate the CF and the ICF products. For such systems the measured CF cross sections were observed to be suppressed substantially  30% at energies above the respective Coulomb barriers when compared with the predictions of the 1D BPM calculations. At energies below the barrier, there are indications of enhancement due to the breakup of loosely bound nuclei, but no strong conclusions have yet been drawn from the available data
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6

Page(s): 272 - 281
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