Enhanced MPPT Performance of PV systems using FOPID Controller
Prachi Singh, Divya Mathur
Electric Vehicle, Photovoltaic cell, FOPID, MPPT.
To maximize the amount of energy produced by PV modules, the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control approach is still being developed. The three basic categories of perturbing current, perturbing duty cycle, & perturbing voltage may be used to categories several MPPT control techniques. This study first analyses the output properties of a mathematical model of photovoltaic modules under various lighting scenarios, then it suggests a FOPID controller. The first element assures the maximum power point stability and the speed of the rising the stage, while the second part guarantees the consistency of the Boost converter's output voltage and output current. Simulation findings are contrasted with the traditional P&O technique and the two-stage adjustable step-size disturbance duty cycle using MATLAB/Simulink to develop various components of the system design. The outcomes of the simulation demonstrate that the suggested algorithm is able to attain a good capacity of rapid ascent, security, or responsiveness to environmental change. The results demonstrate the compatibility with the simulated results from the verification test on the experimental system.
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Unique Paper ID: 161900

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6

Page(s): 456 - 461
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