Examining the Impact of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivational Factors on Employee Performance in Remote Work Environments: A Descriptive Study
Harshitha BR, Dr. M. Ananda Rao
Employee Motivation, Performance, Intrinsic and Extrinsic factors, Leadership and Remote work envoronment
In a time of digital revolution, where remote work is the standard rather than the exception, it is critical to comprehend the complex relationship that exists between remote worker motivation and output. This study undertakes a thorough investigation, digging deeply into the complex interactions between inner and extrinsic motivators that shape the productive environment in remote work settings. This study aims to reveal the factors that actually motivate employees to perform well in remote work environments, as businesses around the world struggle to optimise their policies on remote work. By using a careful mixed-methods approach that combines qualitative interviews with quantitative surveys, this study sheds light on the complex dynamics of motivation. The impact of extrinsic motivators, which include financial rewards, recognition, and advantages, is carefully examined in relation to intrinsic motivators, which include job satisfaction, self-fulfilment, and a feeling of purpose. Additionally, this study examines the impact that communication tactics and leadership styles have on the productivity and motivation of remote teams, as well as the critical role that technology and digital platforms play in creating a positive virtual work environment. It explores how remote workers manage their well-being and how it affects their job engagement, pondering the fine line between work and personal obligations. Additionally, the study examines the efficacy of online training courses and skill-building projects, revealing how they affect motivation and productivity.
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Unique Paper ID: 161969

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 7

Page(s): 109 - 115
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