Smart IOT Based Fish Tank Monitoring System
Smruti Jagtap, Kanika Jadhav, Pooja Deshpande
Aquaculture, Fish health monitoring, IoT-based system, ESP32 and Arduino microcontrollers, Real-time data analysis, Anomaly detection, User-friendly interface
In the realm of aquaculture, maintaining optimal fish health and tank conditions is paramount for maximizing productivity and ensuring fish welfare. Traditional monitoring methods, often reliant on manual observations and periodic water quality testing, prove to be time-consuming, labor- intensive, and susceptible to human error. To address these limitations, this research presents the development of an IoT- based fish tank monitoring system utilizing ESP32 and Arduino microcontroller. This research delves into the design, implementation, and evaluation of an IoT-based fish tank monitoring system that continuously gathers and analyzes data on critical water parameters and environmental factors. The proposed system demonstrates remarkable efficacy in detecting anomalies, identifying potential health issues, and enabling proactive interventions to optimize fish care and prevent problems before they escalate. Moreover, the system boasts a user-friendly interface for remote monitoring and data visualization, empowering aquaculturists to make informed decisions and enhance fish well-being.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 8

Page(s): 1 - 3
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