Enhancing Mobility in Rural Areas: A Comprehensive Analysis of Village Transportation Systems
Vishal Nayabrao Kolte, Prof.Bhapkar A.D, Yash Dnyaneshwar Adsul, Prasad Prahlad Adsul, Pranita Adhir Baile
Village Transportation Systems, Rural mobility, Transport demand, Public transport sustainability, Transportation challenges, Efficient passenger transport planning, Innovative transportation approaches, Mobility in rural areas, Transport system organization
The planning and organization of transportation systems in rural villages is a complex task due to low transport demand, making it difficult to establish financially sustainable public transport systems. Village Transportation Systems have emerged as a solution to address these challenges and provide benefits to all stakeholders involved. This paper explores the impact of Village Transportation Systems on mobility in rural areas, critically evaluating existing literature on both urban and rural contexts. The research methodology examines the challenges specific to rural areas, considering unique dynamics influencing transportation demand and accessibility. The methodology also investigates the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems in increasing mobility in the areas where they are implemented. The literature review reveals a significant gap in research on mobility in rural areas, emphasizing the need for further exploration. The study demonstrates that Village Transportation Systems have the potential to overcome challenges associated with low transport demand, offering a viable solution for enhancing mobility in rural areas. The findings highlight the potential for increased mobility in areas implementing Village Transportation Systems, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable passenger transport planning systems in rural communities. Future research is crucial to refine and optimize the planning and organization of Village Transportation Systems, ensuring their successful implementation and long-term viability in diverse rural settings.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 8

Page(s): 30 - 35
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