Cyber Security Risks and Mitigation Related to Quantum States and measurement challenges
Johnbasco Vijay Anand, Dr. S. Sukumaran
Quantum security; Quantum Threats; Quantum Threat Modeling; Quantum Risks
Thought Quantum computers bring in transformative leap forward in computational capabilities, offering unprecedented potential for advancements[1] in cybersecurity, it also introduces new and potent threats that must be addressed. This research article underscores the improvements in cybersecurity that quantum computing has ushered in, while acknowledging the imperative need for comprehensive threat modeling[2] to anticipate and mitigate quantum threats. This research article explores threat modeling and risk assessment while leveraging real-time quantum computers across various aspects, including maintaining entangled states, achieving high-fidelity gate operations[5], error correction techniques, quantum measurements, qubit stability, coherence preservation[3], quantum decoherence, quantum noise and superposition/entanglement in quantum sensing and measurement devices. For each aspect, we identify threats, perform threat modeling and discuss cyber security risks and mitigation strategies to enable the secure integration of quantum computing technologies.
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Unique Paper ID: 162262

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 9

Page(s): 11 - 19
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