AI Based Biometric Smart Voting System Using Internet of Things
Dr.M.Mayuranathan, Bhuvaneshwari M, Dan Prabhu. C.R, Harthika K
In every election, the election commission is facing a lot of troubles and different type of problems throughout the election. The most familiar issue faced by the election commission is inappropriate confirmation with respect to the arrangement of casting the votes, duplication or illegal casting of votes. In this project, a secure and new voting system is developed to improve the security with time management using IoT technology. Face recognition one of the most secure biometric of person identification. Themain goal of this article is to avoid duplication of casting votes. This project focuses on sophisticated voting system using face recognition and Finger print technologies. In oursystem if a person comes for voting, then his or her face is detected and this detected image is compared to image in voter’s database. When the face is matched we get the information about the voter in our PC, then we check the voter’s finger print. If both the details get matched, then the person is allowed to vote. The current voting system is not secure, there are some individuals who give dummy votes or they are registered at more than one place. In this project the Security of the voter is discussed and in general and thefocus is on making the voting system more robust and reliable by eliminating dummy voters. After successful completion of voting the details of voting is stored in cloud using IoT. The data are collected and calculated automatically. The total voting and data are calculated automatically and the result is shown in IoT at the End of the Day itself. It will reduce the storage of voting machine for certain no of days and also reduce change of voting machine by illegal person.
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Unique Paper ID: 162594

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 10

Page(s): 467 - 472
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