Positive Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Behaviour
Priyanshi Sharma , Manya Goyal , Akash Kumar , Krishna Kumar Gupta , Chegondi Manishankar , Sunitha B K , Saritha S R
Artificial Intelligence, Human behaviour, Technology, Decision-making, Progress
Artificial intelligence is becoming a prominent transformative phenomenon that has an effect on every aspect of human life and conduct. To this end, the present research paper strives to explore the impact of AI on human behaviour from multiple dimensions. Through an interdisciplinary lens united by the point of view of psychology, sociology, and computer science, the article sheds light on the interrelations between AI technologies and human behaviour. The theoretical introduction to the analysis provided in the paper dwells upon such foundations of human behaviour as the social shaping of technology, affordances, and socio-technical systems theory. Subsequent sections within the paper take a more practical application-oriented perspective by exploring specific domains of behaviour change due to AI. In addition to these, the paper explores the psychological effects of human interaction with AI systems, including the impact on cognition, emotion, and identity. The research also reviews the ethical issues relating to behavioural modifications driven by AI, covering privacy challenges, autonomy concerns, and bias. More fundamentally, the research paper looks at AI’s role in altering peoples’ group behaviours at the societal level. This analysis delves into the implications of AI on cultural behaviours, political behaviours, and public opinion dynamics. This paper also reviews existing research on how AI is likely to exacerbate currently existing social inequalities. This paper helps shed light on the complex nature of AI-driven behavioural change by synthesizing findings from empirical studies, theoretical literature, and real-world trends. This paper also highlights the need for a balanced approach to AI-associated behavioural changes that considers its associated opportunities and threats.
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Unique Paper ID: 162876

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 272 - 280
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