Crisis Communication Strategies in Indian Aviation: Navigating Turbulence Through Public Relations
Dr Rusha Mudgal, Dr Pooja Rana
Aviation, Crisis Communication, Social Media, Public Relations
The aviation industry, a vital component of global transportation infrastructure, is characterized by its dynamic nature and inherent complexities. As air travel becomes increasingly integral to modern life, the aviation sector in India reflects global trends with significant growth and distinct challenges. Amidst the aspirations for progress, the sector grapples with the potential disruption caused by unforeseen crises that can challenge public confidence and have lasting consequences. In the face of these challenges, efficacy of crisis communication strategies emerges as crucial in navigating turbulence successfully within the industry. Public perception is a precious yet fragile commodity, particularly when incidents threaten the industry's reputation. Public Relations becomes the guiding force, providing a strategic framework for managing communication during crises and proactively shaping narratives to prevent and mitigate potential issues. This research paper explores the complexities of crisis communication within the aviation sector in India, underscoring the indispensable role of Public Relations strategies in navigating turbulent circumstances. The study aims to identify and analyse prevalent crisis scenarios faced by aviation entities, evaluating the efficiency of crisis communication strategies employed. The paper delves into the collaborative efforts between aviation companies and regulatory bodies, analyzing the relationship that shapes crisis communication within the sector. To understand crisis management in aviation sector, there are various crisis communication theories and models; however, the researchers formed the theoretical framework applying Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT). The application of SCCT within the aviation context allows for structured and context-specific crisis communication strategies, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by the industry. Along with this, Coombs' Image Restoration Theory provides insights into the strategic communication approaches that can be employed to rebuild confidence after incidents. Through the application of these theories, the study contributes practical recommendations for enhancing crisis communication strategies in the avi
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 386 - 393
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