A study on Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Intervention in Reducing Anxiety and Stress.
Chahat Baghla, Khushi Agrawal, Prachi M, Rakshna R, Rakshita M Allappanavar, Baisakhi Debnath
Mindfulness, anxiety, stress, mindfulness-based interventions, mental health, effectiveness, research review
This research study explores the success of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) in reducing stress and anxiety problems. The incidence of anxiety and stress-related illnesses has grown to be a serious public health issue that affects people’s quality of life and puts a pressure on healthcare systems around the world. In spite of this, mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) have gained traction as effective strategies for treating psychological distress. They do this by utilizing traditional contemplative techniques to foster acceptance and present moment awareness. This study conducts a thorough assessment of the literature to investigate the mechanism by which MBIs achieve their therapeutic benefits, including cognitive restructuring, emotion management and attention modulation. The research approach comprises a methodical assessment of studies looking at MBIs and how they affect stress and anxiety levels in a variety of demographics. The results highlight MBIs’ potential as effective stress-reduction techniques, with implications for mental health interventions and suggestions for future study. Even though the literature shows encouraging outcomes, more research is necessary to fully understand the underlying processes and long-term effectiveness of MBIs. This research advances our knowledge of the function of mindfulness in fostering psychological well-being and provides guidance for the creation of evidence-based stress and anxiety therapies by combining information from a variety of sources. In the end, our research attempts to reduce people's worry and stress by addressing the urgent need for alternate techniques to supplement existing treatments.
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Unique Paper ID: 162938

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 463 - 472
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