Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men: A Comprehensive Exploration
Dr. Devinder Kumar Maheshwari, Neeraj Kumar Pandey
Erectile dysfunction, young men, diagnosis, treatment, psychological factors, quality of life
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is traditionally considered an issue for older men. However, recent studies suggest a concerning rise in ED prevalence among young men. This review comprehensively explores ED in young men, examining its causes, diagnosis, treatment options, and broader impact on well-being.It highlights the multi-factorial nature of ED in young men, with physical (cardiovascular disease, diabetes), psychological (stress, anxiety, depression), and lifestyle factors (smoking, obesity) all contributing to the condition. A thorough diagnosis involving history, physical examination, and potentially laboratory tests is crucial. Treatment options range from oral medications to psychological therapy, with the best approach depending on the underlying cause. Importantly, ED can significantly impact on a young man's mental health, relationships, and social life.This review emphasizes the need for increased awareness of ED in young men. Early intervention, a multidisciplinary approach, and addressing both physical and psychological aspects are crucial for successful management. Continued research is vital to develop more effective treatments and improve understanding of ED in this population.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 1557 - 1567
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