Exploring the influence of Cultural Diversity and its effects on Team Concert among Hoteliers in Kerala
Regy Joseph, Dr. S Jagadeeswari, Jyothi Joseph, Rakhy Raju
Cultural diversity, Team performance, Hotel industry, Fostering inclusivity, Communication skills.
Cultural diversity presents benefits and challenges for the global hotel industry today. The study acknowledges the crucial role that cultural factors play in forming the hospitality business and looks into ways to enhance inclusivity and teamwork in diverse hotel teams. The study investigates the properties of cultural variety on worker happiness, crew dynamics, and overall organizational performance. The study takes a qualitative approach in gathering data from hotel employees with different cultural backgrounds through surveys and interviews. According to research, cultural diversity may encourage more creativity and invention, but it can also lead to issues with miscommunication and misconceptions. The study lists essential cultural competencies that are required for fostering inclusivity, such as intercultural communication skills, cultural intelligence, and a friendly workplace culture that embraces diversity. In addition, the study pinpoints practical methods for fostering inclusiveness and optimizing group productivity in culturally heterogeneous hotel settings. These strategies include developing mentorship programs to foster intercultural collaboration, implementing targeted training initiatives to enhance intercultural comprehension, and enacting inclusive laws that celebrate variety. The examination of case studies that illustrate the efficacy of diversity programs in large hotel chains provides practitioners with valuable insights. This study has important implications for businesses dealing with cultural diversity across a wide range of industries, not only the hotel industry. With the hotel industry being increasingly worldwide, understanding and utilizing cultural diversity is essential to success. The goal of this study is to donate to the growth of a framework that hotel managers and other leaders can use to create inclusive workplaces in a culturally diverse setting that will enhance employee satisfaction, team cohesion, and overall organizational success.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 1250 - 1260
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