The impact of globalization and English language teaching in india
Dr. P. Ravichandra
English Language Teaching, Communication, Globalisation, Identity, Orientalism, Colonialism, Cultural Exchange, Third World Englishes
As early as 1904, the Oxford Geographer Halford, Captain J. Machinder was arguing that developments in communication and transport and the vanishing of the frontier, dictated the necessity and advantage of viewing the world as a single, integrated system. As Stephen has written of Mackinder's thesis, the idea that the world was now "A single organism that will respond as a whole to power shifts anywhere on the globe" was controversial, but not a typical of "A number of observations made at that time". In the Arena of political economy, Karl Marx had already speculated tentatively has the implications of the extension of the world market, increasing development of productive forces and individuals, universalisation of the "Civilizing". Tendency and incipient crises are geographical saturation point was reached. The elision of Marxism, Nationalism and imperialism are the views expressed by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri in their book "Empire"(2008), falling on the heels of a decade of globalisation theory, defend a proposition that today seems, quite indefensible the age of imperialism, (they suggest; has ended and in place of imperialism we now have an age of empire. Nevertheless, the 'Englishes' show how the interface between the language of the centre, of the Empire, can contribute towards building a new language, a new Creole which could be Raja Rao's Indian English, George lamming’s Caribbean English or JM Coetize’s African English. Is not the evolving of such languages and the rich repertoire of literature they have produced proofs of the fact that without sacrificing one's native identity and indigenous traditions, one can mould the language of the other, enriching it to vibrate with one's own native ethos and sensitivity.
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