Journey into Nature's Chemistry: Exploring the Chemical Riches of Chrozophora rottleri through GC-MS Analysis
DR. R. PREMA, Logesh Gunasekaran, Selva Bharathi Saravanan, Senthil Kumar Chelladurai
Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Phyto constituents, Chrozophora rottleri, Pharmacological potential.
The study used gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GCMS) to characterize the phyto constituents of the unknown plant Chrozophora rottleri. The entire plant was extracted with ethylene acetate at room temperature for 72 hours, producing a concentrated extract that was then subjected to GCMS analysis. Understanding the chemical composition of the plant has advanced significantly as a result of the results, which revealed a wide range of compounds within the extract. This initial investigation lays the groundwork for the isolation of the main active ingredients present in Chrozophora rottleri, opening the door for additional research into the pharmacological potential of the organism. Through the identification of these compounds, scientists hope to shed light on the plant's medicinal qualities while also possibly discovering entirely novel, pharmacologically active compounds. This work emphasizes the value of looking into lesser-known botanical sources for their phytochemical components, as these sources may contain compounds that could be useful in the development of novel therapeutics or natural products with pharmacological applications. In order to advance the medical and pharmaceutical sciences, more research can be done on the isolation, characterization, and biological activity testing of these compounds.
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Unique Paper ID: 163526

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 2483 - 2488
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