Study of Synthesis, Structural and electrical nature of Ba0.9Ca0.1TiO3 ceramic material
Arpita Patel, Rajesh Kumar Katare
Crystal structure; Solid State Route; Dielectric materials; ferroelectric properties; energy bandgap.
BaTiO3 remains a good choice lead free material because of its good dielectric characteristics, environmental friendliness, chemical stability and cost-effective synthesis. Its high relative permittivity (Ɛʹ) and low dielectric loss make BaTiO3 an excellent choice for several applications. Barium calcium titanate (Ba,Ca)TiO3 is used in electrical material applications. Also, these materials are attracting attention as ceramic capacitors in which dielectric properties of the BT are improved. BCT solid solutions are specifically used in multilayer ceramic capacitor applications and in various other applications like: dielectric filters, antennas, resonators, duplexers and phase shifters, and piezoelectric actuator. Hereby, we focus on the BCT material to synthesize it in solid solution form using solid state route and emphasized on its structural and electrical properties. The sample has been found to crystallize into tetragonal structure (P4mm). The dielectric permittivity is found to be high with low loss tangent values. Impedance studies for frequency dependence revealed to be decreasing with increasing frequency and thereby conduction increases for in both real and imaginary cases. Nyquist’s plot reveals the distribution of relaxation time and hence infers the non-Debye behaviour.
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Unique Paper ID: 163556

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 1416 - 1421
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