Solar Powered Rover For Seed Sowing
Nishad Burley, V.M.Lakshe(Bagal), shubham patil, Devika Mishra
Agriculture, Autonomous, GPS, Rover, Sensor
Solar powered seed sowing rover is a unique system which introduces a Solar-Powered Autonomous Rover for optimizing seed sowing in varying soil moisture conditions, focusing on sustainable and tech-driven agriculture. This paper’s impact on the development of Solar energy powered eco-friendly rover, integrating a moisture sensor for intelligent seed placement. A robust mechanical structure and advanced control system enable autonomous navigation and precise seed dispensing, promoting healthier crop growth. The system uses GPS guidance for efficient coverage of farming areas. Real-time data from sensors and cameras allow farmers to monitor soil conditions and customize seed distribution based on moisture levels. This integration of renewable energy, autonomous navigation, and data-driven decision-making empowers farmers to enhance crop yield and promote sustainable agriculture. The rover avoid the complete human interference from field path to complete seed sowing at equal distance, Overall this paper represents a significant advancement in leveraging renewable energy and technology for precision agriculture, benefiting farmers and the environment through enhanced crop growth and resource conservation.
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Unique Paper ID: 163647

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 1938 - 1945
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