Internal support management system
A.Regina Elizabeth, K. Balaji, S. Derikson, K.J. Aazis Ezhilan, M. Karthick
College Support App, support services, student support, faculty support, user-friendly platform, real-time updates, automated notifications, self-help resources, centralized hub, intuitive interface, support request tracking, knowledge base, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, reporting tools, analytics, system performance, resource allocation, user empowerment, efficient issue resolution.
The College Support App is a user-friendly platform designed to enhance support services for students and faculty within the college community. It streamlines the process of submitting and tracking support requests, offering real-time updates and automated notifications to improve communication and empower users with self-help resources for faster issue resolution. This comprehensive app serves as a centralized hub for support services, offering a seamless experience for users to seek assistance and for administrators to manage and prioritize requests efficiently. Through its intuitive interface, users can easily submit support requests, categorize them based on the type of assistance needed, and track the progress of their requests in real-time. One of the key features of the College Support App is its knowledge base, which provides users with access to FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and other relevant resources to help them resolve common issues independently. This not only reduces the workload on support staff but also enables users to find solutions to their problems more quickly. Furthermore, the app's reporting and analytics tools allow administrators to gain insights into support trends, resource allocation, and overall system performance, enabling them to make informed decisions to improve support services. Overall, the College Support App aims to simplify and enhance the support experience within the college community, ensuring that students and faculty receive the assistance they need in a timely and efficient manner.
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Unique Paper ID: 163906

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 2216 - 2218
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